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Societies on the Move
deadline August, 25th

BLM and Favini announce the International Competition of Illustration and Social Graphics "Societies on the Move" which aims to stimulate the artistic imagination of cosmopolitan andmulti-ethnic views of our society.
Nowadays, the movement of people and populations imposes increasing challenges on contemporary society: the use of common resources and rights is challenged by new needs to share, while an active and informed citizenship is required with regard to the environment, consumer choices, and the dynamics of production and institutional processes.The creation of future societies can also start from a vision.
The call is aimed at graphic artists and illustrators, with no limit onage or nationality, and both individuals and groups can participate. Participants are asked to create an original illustration or agraphical interpretation of the theme indicated. A qualified jurywill select the best works to be printed and displayed to the publicin an exhibition


Formes de l'affiche           Posters from Chaumont
Palazzetto Tito, Dorsoduro 2826
Opening 26.05, at 18

The exhibition will display a selection of posters from the collection of the Centre international du Graphismeof Chaumont, a city in Marne, France which, over the last few decades, has created a niche for itself internationally as a point of reference for contemporary graphic design.
The display will include works by Abäke, Jean-Marc Ballée, Jan enRandoald, Henning Wagenbreth, Christophe Gaudard, Mathias Schweizer, Karel Martens, Fanette Mellier, and Loulou Picasso.
The exhibition catalogue is published by bruno (http://www.b-r-u-n-o.it) and Printed on REMAKE by Favini (www.favini.com)